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coolshit's Journal

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The Panel to Decide on Shit that is Cool
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Finally, a livejournal community without much predeliction. This community is designed to share the random things that you think are cool or take pleasure from, and think others might like to know about.

Images and links to sounds are very welcome, but try to keep your pictures of a reasonable size. Links to websites are very encouraged.

Quizzes and quiz results are not allowed under any circumstances.
Please do not use this space to promote your own livejournal community. If you've found someone else's community that you think kicks ass, go ahead and tell us about it.

You know what belongs in your personal journal and what belongs here, so use your own discretion.

And please. No porn. No prejudice. Don't be a dick to anybody else.

This community is moderated by nibiki and lavish.

So what's something cool? [Besides you, jackass.]
afi, al pacino, angelina jolie, angie, ani difranco, anime, april, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, astronomy, bars, beat takeshi, benicio del toro, bi-sexuals, bill and ted, bjork, blackadder, bob marley, brian, bruce campbell, chow yun-fat, comics, converse, cool shit, cowboy bebop, craig kilborn, culture, danny elfman, dave mckean, david bowie, david duchovny, david foley, don, donnie darko, drew carey, eddie murphy, eric clapton, fight club, found objects, frank black, frank miller, franka potente, fun, gene wilder, george carlin, gore, graphic design, guy richie, hayao miyazaki, he-man, helena bonham-carter, history, humor, hunter s. thompson, images, internet movie database, iron chef, jack black, jack handey, james bond, janeane garofolo, jason lee, jay, jay and silent bob, jello biafra, jessica, jim carey, jim henson, jimbo, john belushi, john cleese, john cusack, john s. hall, k.g., kevin smith, kevin spacey, king missile, led zeppelin, legos, luke wilson, mactarnahans, mary jane, massive attack, matt groening, maynard, mc escher, michelle yeoh, mike patton, monty python, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nicole blackman, otis redding, owen wilson, patrick stewart, phil hartman, philosophy, photoshop, pirates, portishead, portland, radiohead, red meat, robert de niro, robert johnson, robert smith, robin williams, salvador dali, sam keith, sam raimi, sean connery, sir ian mckellan, space ghost, stephen king, steve martin, steven soderberg, stories, stormtroopers, stuff magazine, tenacious d, the arcade fire, the brothers quay, the cohen brothers, the dude, the godfather, the muppets, the onion, the pixies, the reverend horton heat, the sandman, the simpsons, the upright citizen's brigade, tim burton, todd, todd macfarlane, toys, transformers, true crime, twin peaks, video games, vince vaughn, vincent price, voodoo, wes anderson, wong kar-wai, yoshitaka amano, you, zombies, zorak

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